About Linda’s Journal

I have always written down things I have seen and experienced while I am outdoors or on a photo shoot with my husband.  Often I wrote my observations down on a scrap of paper or in a little notebook. I never considered this journaling. After meeting Naturalist John Muir Laws, I realized that I have been journaling most of my life but have not organized those journals into a form that I could use. I have learned a lot about observation and how the brain helps us to retain what we observe. I love sharing this information with others, it has become a passion of mine. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to have others discover the joy of learning by observation and journaling what they observe. In this fast paced world we all need to learn to slow down so that we don’t miss what is right in front of us. I have learned so much about nature by learning to observe and then journaling those observations. It gives me great joy to teach others about the journaling process. I hope to inspire others to participate in this wonderful activity by sharing some of what I am learning. From time to time I will be sharing new insights I discover. I hope you will want to follow along in this process with me.

Keep Journaling,

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